Flashback collection : old hits 2

Seethala Wesse Rosa Kele Muladi Benda Me Gee Loketa Lokka Kodukara Gove Every Sunday Duwa Deemata Durakathanayaki Bicykale Baby Adu Kule Sudu Pata

Yet another sinhala music blog

As an avid sinhala music fan I find it extremely difficult to locate the music I like online. Most websites are filled with crap and are cumbersome to use. P2P clients such as limewire have little to offer due to the small client base. Streaming services are of little use especially if you are after the MP3 track without having to resort to complicated packet capturing.  There are no legal means of downloading selected material.

Here I have attempted to simplify some of the issues by posting download links without junk. The reason I have chosen rapidshare is because its free, easily accessible and offers a swift service through fast servers. This will ensure fast, reliable downloading without having to resort to torrents, or third party clients. The Mp3 tracks are individually packaged without compression or passwords . There are no additional files, and I have scanned the files for viruses to my level best. Any file reported to infringe copyright laws will be removed.

I hope the web community will appreciate this blog as an honest attempt to share and enjoy great sinhala music. It is a tribute to all the sri lankan singers,musicians & songwriters.